пятница, 4 декабря 2009 г.


When i was at russian places of internets - i noticed that many people copying the style of one or two masters. And there are a lot of clones everywhere. It was sucked.
Den - i came into english side of cartoonish internets and said "WHOOOA! sssoooo stylish! I love it!".
Now i see that there are also a lot of clones that copying one or two master-styles.
I'm dissapointed.
I really disturbed by seeing same hands\face-style of drawings that lies everywhere.
What's wrong with these people.
What's wrong with this planet.
I don't understand what they think when they finish their characters and see that they look like "that style from that master from that company".
I know - many artists inspire by someone and try to draw better.
Be just a someone's copy. This might be very pathetic.

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