четверг, 16 июля 2009 г.

Bastiodon and his Bonus Heads

I must say - i love how Bastiodon looks like. One of my favorite ancient pokemon. The other one is Omastar.
Ceratops-type dinosaurs is my favorite and i also love strongholds and castles! :lol:
Ceratops+Stronghold= Bastiodon!
I don't think i will have it in my party. I already have very high defencive Steelix that helped me alot in battles.
May be later, when my Steelix will be 100Lv, i will start to train Bastiodon. :)
OH YES. Here are the bonus heads for bastiodon. All these heads has their own ability, types and attacks.
Bastiodon (c) Game Freak and Nintendo.

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